In addition to writing, I also dabble in art. But I'll always be more of a writer than an artist.

The Apple Tree
From my Flying Cobras series. Gundar and Rain combine their unique powers to grow something beautiful after the destruction and annihilation of a city.

Rain's Last Stand (or, The Dark Prince and the Shaman)
From my Flying Cobras series, Rain stalls the enemy so her friends can escape, while a city is destroyed behind her.

The Paladin
From my Flying Cobras series, introducing Khashanna, a paladin for a god commonly known as the Black Dragon. 

Quarrel-Karn and the Hound
From my Flying Cobras series, Quarrel-Karn the sword mage gets into some trouble on the mountains.

Snow Witch
From my short story "Snow Witch," a Snow White remix

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